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Core ANCs - Noise-Cancelling Headphones


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Discover The Core ANCs


What Do Bose & Sony Have In
Common? They’re Terrified Of These $99 Headphones.

Status Audio just launched the Core ANC headphones. At $99, they're punching above their weight with features like audiophile-grade drivers, active noise cancellation, and a 30- hour battery life. No wonder the big audio brands are shaking in their boots! Keep reading for the full story.

If you’re like us, you love balanced, high- quality sound. But you 
hate the price tags of the headphones that provide it.

You can expect decent-quality gear to start at a price point of $300... all the up to $1000+ for audiophile- grade headphones! And many of these high-profile products are 
unfairly priced, sometimes absurdly so.

Unfortunately this is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to consumer-grade brands.

Here’s why

Their secret formula? Low quality + big marketing budgets = overpriced headphones.

When you buy name brand headphones from the likes of Sony, Beats, or Apple, over 50% of what you pay goes to branding and marketing alone!

In fact, a 2015  investigation by HuffPost found that a pair of Beats by Dre going for $199 on retail cost a grand total of just $16.89 to produce.

The majority of big brands are guilty of similar price inflation.

Not only that, they’ll often try to trick you by disguising a lack of quality. Common techniques include adding heavy metal weights to give the illusion of quality, hiding poorly-done hinges, and spray-painting plastic to give the appearance of higher- end metal.

Sure, you can buy great headphones from most of the big brands. But you pay a premium that can often be double of what you should be paying.

So, why hasn’t this been challenged? Why hasn't anyone decided to offer a quality product at a fair price?

Because all the big brands use this exact same strategy. They share a monopoly in the market that allows all of them to drive their prices higher - at your expense.

Meet the kingslayer -  Status Audio’s Core ANCs.

There are more than four reasons, but let’s narrow it down to the most significant ways in which ANC headphones can improve your happiness and wellbeing in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Tired of the inflated prices and vanity branding, Status Audio put 100% of their budget into creating the ultimate, audiophile-quality Bluetooth headphones — affordable for everyone. The Core ANCs

You’d pay $150-$250 for the same quality from the likes of Bose or Sony. No wonder they’re terrifed.

So, what exactly do you get for $99?

As Business Insider said, 
”Blown away. Sound quality that rivals headphones costing twice as much."

TL;DR (too long; didn't read) - A lot! 

Status Audio is a small company based in NYC. Since 2014, their passionate team of audiophiles, engineers and musicians have been designing headphones and earphones that strive to achieve two things:

So, how did they manage to make $250 quality headphones...for just $99?

Here’s how their brand new Core ANCs manage to simultaneously meet both of these:

1. Audiophile quality loved by musicians and sound engineers

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Discover The Core ANCs

Audiophile Quality - Expertly engineered with 40mm drivers and a closedback design to give you rich, full, and balanced audio - for your music, calls, or podcasts

Active Noise Cancellation - Active’ NC produces sound signals that cancels out up to 30dB of ambient sound (aka 90% of noise) for total, distraction-free immersion

30 Hours of Listening - Constant charging no more. 30 hours (or 20 with ANC activated) means you can enjoy your favorite audio on the go for days - stress-free

Ergonomic, Logo-free Design - No obnoxious branding or stylization. We opted for a minimal design with quality vegan leather earpads that perfectly surround your ears.

"The Core ANCs represent everything we’re trying to achieve at Status Audio. Well-designed, musician-worthy headphones at fair prices - without the vanity branding. They’re our challenge to the status quo of big brands getting away with poor quality at exorbitant prices” -  James Bertuzzi, Founder.

That is, until now

2. Fair, affordable prices accessible for everyone.

Quality-first, gimmick- free design (saves $30) - Audio gear often comes with pricey features that seem cool, but are ultimately unnecessary. Status Audio's focus on the essentials keeps prices low but audio quality high.

Lean startup mentality (saves $20) - A small team keeps costs low. That means no extra costs or inflated budgets - and cheaper gear for you.

No branding recognition “tax” (saves $80) - No logos. Unlike the big brands, you don’t pay a premium for brand recognition.